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Clare’s blog – February 2017

Our vision:

To work together to deliver
demonstrable benefits to the health,
well-being and social care of our
local population, through innovation,
education and research.

It’s been whirlwind few months since I joined as Managing Director in September. I spent the first quarter laying the foundations for our work plan and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all our partners and stakeholders. I am encouraged by the energy and enthusiasm everyone has shown to the opportunities we can deliver together, and I am really excited about what we can achieve.

We have started 2017 in spectacular fashion.  Our main aim at the Anglia Ruskin Health Partnership is to drive integration and collaboration between health, research and education. And we have certainly taken a step in the right direction this month. 

On 16 January, I presented our draft work plan for 2017-2018 to the Board as well as my vision for the future developments of the partnership.  It was agreed that the partnership will focus on being a convenor and system leader within the health and social care arena. In addition to this, we have our core programmes to deliver which are based on four themes; Leadership Development, Improvement, Digital and Innovation and Research. The delivery will include ongoing projects as well as some new and exciting ventures.

With all this fresh in mind, on 23 January we saw nearly 100 people come together for our Digital Greater Essex 2020 event to develop a strategy and vision for the future using the latest technology and innovations. I was incredibly pleased to see many people willing and able to drive Essex forward to become a leading county. The meeting of minds between health professionals, industry providers and academics meant we were able to use a cross-reference of ideas to shape our plan for the future.

Equally as powerful was our Digital Healthy Schools workshop on 26 January. There was a real eagerness in the room from everyone involved to start using appropriate health apps, not just as a self-care tool but also as a prescribing mechanism amongst health and care professionals. Our partnership with Essex County Council, Active Essex, Orcha UK and local schools means we can act as a driver for uptake of technology both with our pupils and our wider population.

This month, we also saw the top leaders in primary care across Essex join in a conversation on how we can focus on the future of primary care as a collaborative. With opportunities of joint working between practices emerging, we are devising new ways of responding to work force shortages and the prospect of the new local medical school is already providing a unifying point locally.  It was agreed that ARHP will focus on a few key areas where collaboration can deliver greater impact for primary care.

As we continue to develop our programme of work, I look forward to keeping you updated on our progress as well as the activities of our team members.

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