Anglia Ruskin
Health Partnership
Advancing the way we care

Our vision:

To work together to deliver
demonstrable benefits to the health,
well-being and social care of our
local population, through innovation,
education and research.

ARHP is a strategic collaboration between Essex health organisations, academia and local government who share a commitment to improve the health and lives of local people.

Our purpose is to bring together the talents and interests of our partners to improve the health outcomes of local people across Greater Essex, with a particular focus on innovation, research, and developing people.

We do this by:

-          Bringing people together to experiment

-          Connecting research and academia

-          Pioneering projects to make change happen - learning from it and scaling it

-          Developing people through collaboration and delivery of structured programmes

-          Convening and connecting our partners to each other and the wider ecosystem


We also encourage the involvement of organisations - beyond our core membership - in much of our work, especially where private companies, the community sector and other partner organisations in Essex share our passion and commitment for collaborative working.

What makes us stand out?

ARHP is uniquely placed to drive innovation and change to health in Greater Essex. We bring fresh thinking, cutting edge technology, research and ideas together and offer a neutral space for organisations and people to collaborate.

We are the only organisation with this mission and focus in Greater Essex  because:

1.    We deliver a whole-system approach

Our focus is on how organisations work better together to tackle issues that require a whole-system approach. It means we all have to work collectively to look at problems that affect the lives of people as a whole. This includes delivering programmes (link to programme pages) which interact across organisations and which need collaboration. Our success is judged by the success of our partners over the long term.

2.    We learn and scale

We learn from what we do to improve our own “performance” and share it with others, ensuring ongoing improvements and discovery. We build capability by collaborating and sharing lived experience, reflecting on it and by promoting a learning culture in the Greater Essex system.

3.    We develop people and skills

We help people develop skills through leadership improvement programmes and digital transformation, in specific areas where we know there needs to be better integration

4.    We use expert knowledge

We bring together a wide range of skills and interests from within our partners as well as from outside our local system and can bring the best expertise and knowledge – both nationally and internationally – to provoke and stimulate our local work.

5.    We forge strong relationships

We build on new relationships ensuring that we learn from, share and evaluate our work and deliver a network of connections across Essex and beyond.

Why does Essex need us?

Essex is a diverse county with over 1.8 million people covering a wide demographic. The socio-economic background of Essex people varies greatly with notable discrepancies in health outcomes.

Geographically, Essex covers both rural and urban areas, with affluence and poverty in equal measure. Life expectancy levels differ across districts and, over the last decade, outcomes have become more polarised as public services are stretched.

Overlaid with the digital revolution, we have the opportunity to accelerate change by using new technologies presented to us to be able to deliver a fundamental social shift.

In order to deliver change, it requires public services, academics and industry to be able to work together and to capitalise on the opportunity.

We need to deliver together – not as individuals, or organisations or sectors – but as a whole, and to join local people in ensuring Essex continues to flourish.

We want Essex to be known for its healthy, thriving communities, its joined up public sector and as a place to have a great career in the business of health and care, where new innovations are readily embraced.

In 10 years’ time we want Essex to be an exemplary model of a great health and care system with a strong reputation as effective innovators.