Anglia Ruskin
Health Partnership
Advancing the way we care

Connect with us on twitter @arhpartners

Connect with us on twitter @arhpartners

Our vision:

To work together to deliver
demonstrable benefits to the health,
well-being and social care of our
local population, through innovation,
education and research.

Don’t want to miss out on the latest events and news from ARHP? Why don’t you follow us on twitter @arhpartners.  All our latest news and events will be tweeted regularly and will allow us to share and showcase the best of what Essex has to offer.


ARHP will be using twitter as a way of engaging with our partners and the wider health, research and education landscape and starting conversations on the hot topics of the month. 


With the diverse nature of the health and care system across Essex, twitter is the ideal channel to have open discussions and influence change.


Follow us and we’ll follow you!



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