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Essex explores digital transformation further

Our vision:

To work together to deliver
demonstrable benefits to the health,
well-being and social care of our
local population, through innovation,
education and research.

Leaders from across Essex met on Monday 27 February at the BT Tower in London to see how a digital strategy can support public services in today’s challenging financial times. Presenters looked at how tech can drive economic growth to meet the needs and aspirations of a changing and growing population.

ARHP Managing Director Clare Morris presented a session on Smart Lives and what digital transformation might look like in Essex.

Clare’s presentation received positive feedback saying that it pulled together the link between digital and a meaningful human connection that can bring people together in ways that are more supportive, enriching and sustainable.

Clare made the point that: “We are already living pretty smart lives. It’s not the what we are lacking…  a lot of those solutions are there. By helping partners collaborate on research, innovation and digital, we passionately believe that together we will find new and innovative things to fix things in health and care.”


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